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Distance from the hotel 38 km
Duration 2:40 hod. / 7,4 km (tam a späť)

Šútovský Waterfall with its height of 38 m is the fourth-highest waterfall in Slovakia. It is located in Krivánská Mala Fatra in Šútov Valley. It is located in Malá Fatra at an altitude of 830 m above sea level, approximately 4 km from the village of Šútovo. With a height of 38 m it is the highest waterfall in Malá Fatra. It is fed by water from the Šútovský Stream, whose source comes from the unusual rock formation of Mojžišove pramene (Moses Springs). These are about 1 km away from the waterfall. The stream directly above the waterfall is 2.5 meters wide. Access to the waterfalls is from the village of Šútovo. From the parking lot, continue along the asphalt road with a slight incline following the blue hiking trail. About a third of the way you can freshen up at the Vodopád Cottage. The asphalt road later turns into a rocky path with a steeper gradient. After about an hour and a half we reach the Šutov waterfall. Back by the same route. Even smaller children can manage the hike, but you can’t get to the waterfalls with a stroller.

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit for the hike, after the hike you can take a dip in Šútovský quarry, a beautiful natural swimming pool with clear turquoise water.