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Distance from the hotel 28 km
Duration 1:20 hod. / 2,6 km (tam a späť)

The Teplice serpentines are a very attractive place for tourists. They are a system of small mountain lakes connected by small water channels. It is an ingenious historical system of water supply to the village and the manor house, built by Count Révay between 1870 and 1875. From the highest lake, the trail continues to the top of Teplica Hill, to a place called “Lookout on the Cross,” which provides an amazing view of the ridge of Mala Fatra. The dense forest, mountain lakes and gurgling water, along with the fact that it is a relatively little known and visited place, create a real oasis of peace. The starting point of the hike to the serpentines is a gazebo with a mineral spring (honeydew) by the road at the southern end of Turčianska Štiavnička. The footpath that passes through the site, although unmarked, is clearly visible. Its crossing is easy, even families with children can manage it without any problems.