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Distance from the hotel 23 km
Duration 0:15 hod. / 1 km

The most easily accessible castle in the Turčianska basin from the village of Sklabinský Podzámok. The first written mention dates back to 1242. Sklabiňa Castle was built on an old hillfort. It was a royal castle and since 1320 the seat of the district capital. Around 1436 it burnt down and after emergency and costly repairs, extensive reconstruction followed in the second half of the 15th century. Sklabiňa Castle still survived the anti-Habsburg uprisings until it finally succumbed to the ravages of time and slowly became a ruin.

Nowadays, volunteers take care of the castle and its surroundings and still keep pets here. The DONJON civic association, which has been gradually reconstructing the artillery fortification since 2000 and operates the private Museum of Sklabiňa Castle, operates in the area of the castle forecourt. Directly from the top of the castle hill we can see the panorama of the Malá and Veľká Fatra and Martinské Hole.

The ruins of Sklabiňa Castle are open all year round, every day from 8:00 until dark. Find out how it’s open today on their Facebook page.