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Distance from the hotel 16 km

The SNL Literary Museum is located in the center of Martin in a historic building from the end of the 19th century. The building itself, as the first headquarters of Matica Slovenská, was declared a national cultural monument in 1961. Already in 1870, the first national museum exhibition of archives, books, galleries and ethnography opened to visitors. Today it serves as a space for the presentation of the history of Slovak literature and book culture.

The interesting and extensive exhibition of the Literary Museum of the Slovak National Library is devoted to Great Moravia – the cradle of Slavic writing, the medieval Hungarian state, literature from the Renaissance and Humanism, Baroque, Enlightenment and Classicism. The museum does not neglect the Slovak National Revival, the Matica period and Slovak Modernism. The most interesting exhibits include historical stationery, Old Slavonic texts, rare medieval writings, original works of art by Slovak artists, as well as beautiful historical furniture.