Tips for excursions Map of Turiec
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Distance from the hotel 24 km
Duration 1:50 hod. / 3,6 km (tam a späť)

If you are looking for an easy and relatively short hike (about 45 minutes) with a beautiful view of both Veľká and Malá Fatra, we recommend going to Sklabinský Podzámek, from where a hiking trail leads to the impressive rock called Katova. In addition, you can combine the trip with a visit to the ruins of Sklabin Castle.

The top of Katova Skala is located at 860 m above sea level, a red marked hiking trail leading to it and providing a magnificent view of Kantor Valley, Veľká Fatra, part of Mala Fatra and Turiec. The view from the rock can also be enjoyed from the bench installed here. Don’t forget to leave a greeting for other visitors in the tourist booklet.