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Distance from the hotel 25 km

Near the village of Budiš and in the immediate vicinity of the well-known Turčianske spa there is a publicly accessible spring of well-known mineral water of excellent taste and quality. It is a moderately mineralized, bicarbonate-sulphate, magnesium, sodium-calcic, carbonated, cold, hypotonic slightly acidic to neutral natural mineral water.

Once you taste it, you will love its divine taste. It has excellent effects on digestive problems, helps the faster absorption of calcium into the body and also has an anti-allergic effect. Its refreshing taste and many beneficial effects are the creation of unspoiled nature and valleys, which became the perfect conditions for the creation of this mineral water. In history, this spring water was also praised by the Slovak historian Matej Bel and the poet Ján Kollár.

If you visit here, you can also sip mineral water directly from the spring, which is located under a wooden shelter. Here you can also sit and soak up the peaceful, undisturbed atmosphere.