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Distance from the hotel 16 km
Duration 1:30 hod. / 5,2 km

Blatnica Castle on a steep hill behind the village of Blatnica was built in the second half of the 13th century, the first report about it dating back to 1300, when its owner was Peter of Brezovice. Today, Blatnica Castle is a ruin, the restoration of which is being taken care of by the Diadem Association for the Rescue of Blatnica Castle. It is reached by a pleasant road through Gaderská Valley and offers beautiful views.

The ruins of Blatnica Castle are accessible in two ways. You can walk here from Blatnica, park in the paid parking lot at the end of the village. The path leads along a yellow marked hiking trail through Gaderská Valley for about 2 km. Then the yellow trail turns into the woods, where a gentle climb follows. After about 20 minutes of walking you will come to the castle. The whole route (one way) takes about 45 minutes. The ruins of Blatnica Castle can be visited even with the youngest children. You can reach it by an alternative route with a stroller. You will start on the way through Gaderská Valley following the yellow trail, but you will not turn into the forest, you will continue along the asphalt road for about 1 km. When you pass the mining station, turn left after a few meters. After about 450 m you will reach the Pod hradom cottage and from there upward.