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A nature trail with a giant swing, Krpeľany

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Distance from the hotel 37 km
Duration 1:25 hod. / 3,1 km (okruh)

You can enjoy views of Malá Fatra, Chleb or Malý Kriváň directly from a swing at the nature trail in Krpeľany. It is located along the route of the lesser-known Tiešňava nature trail behind Krpeľany. Some compare it to the popular Haluzicka Gorge and agree that few people know about it. This is a tip for a trip for all ages and fitness levels. The easy walk will be appreciated by families with children and casual hikers who don’t make great physical effort, but still want to enjoy the untouched nature. It takes about 1 hour to walk the nature trail.

The trail starts at the pond, and the trail’s introductory information panel is also located here. Along the route, visitors have several interesting stops. The aforementioned tourist base, water mill or ski lodge. From the information boards they learn about the history of Krpeľany, animals and plants of Veľká Fatra. Before the route itself, you can stop at the water reservoir, which is part of the Vážska Cascade.