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Wildlife watching with an experienced hunter

In the forests and meadows around the hotel there are dozens of hunting stands from which you can observe wildlife. Deer, roe deer, wild boar, foxes, bears, as well as wolves are part of the picturesque nature of Fatra. Whether you will see them is not just a matter of luck, but also experience, which will be provided by an experienced hunter who will be your guide, choosing a suitable seat or other place to observe the animals. The activity lasts from 7-10 pm. Transport from the hotel to the observation point and back is provided by an off-road car. The price is € 49/person. If you want an unforgettable wilderness experience please contact hotel reception, which will inform you about the availability of this activity. For others, the game on the plate from the hotel restaurant will have to do 😊

Ak chcete nezabudnuteľné zážitky z divočiny obráťte sa prosím na recepciu hotela, ktorá Vás informuje o dostupnosti tejto aktivity. Pre tých ostatných bude musieť stačiť divina na tanieri z ponuky hotelovej reštaurácie 😊