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Turčianske Teplice Aquapark

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Distance from the hotel 24 km

The Spa & Aquapark is located on the edge of the beautiful spa park, in the centre of Turčianske Teplice. It consists of two parts: The spa area (healing thermal mineral water 38 °C) and aquapark area (thermal water up to 33 °C). Both are in year-round operation.

The unique waterpark with attractions offers a lot of fun. You can try the “Movie Toboggan” with a special video projection and the “Kamikaze” with a daringly steep incline. In addition to the outdoor and indoor pools, there is also a whirlpool, wild river, swinging bay, water cannon with a gargoyle, water loungers and a slide. Of course, there are also children’s and relaxation pools, as well as massage jets and lighting effects. Fans of wellness and well-being will also find something to their liking. Various massages, spas and treatments are available for relaxation and pampering. Healing effects on the musculoskeletal and urinary system are not only found in the water in the aquapark, but also especially in the spa next door.