Tips for excursions Map of Turiec
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Distance from the hotel 35 km
Duration 6:50 hod. / 16,8 km (tam a späť)

Treat yourself to an amazing climb to the Veľký Kriváň. With its height of 1709 m above sea level it is the highest peak of Mala Fatra and also a part of the main ridge of the Kriváň part. This peak is often sought after by tourists for its very nice panoramic views. The trails to the top are of medium to difficult difficulty, for less demanding hikers it is possible to use the chairlift from Vrátna Valley to Snilovský Saddle. There are more hiking trails leading from Turiec to the summit. We recommend, however, to use the yellow trail leading from the Trusalová car camping – parking lot, towards the Cottage under Chleb and from the cottage continue to Snilovský Saddle. From Snilovský Saddle the red trail continues directly to Veľký Kriváň.

The area is known for frequent and sudden changes in weather, so we recommend not to underestimate warm clothing when preparing for the hike. Near Snilovský Saddle there is the year-round open Cottage under Chleb. The visit is also suitable in the winter months, when we recommend ski mountaineering.