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Mikuláš Galanda Gallery

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Distance from the hotel 25 km

If you decide to visit the spa town of Turčianske Teplice, you should know that this town was the birthplace and long-time home of the important Slovak artist Mikuláš Galanda. The birthplace of an important Slovak painter, founder of modernism and graphic artist is located in a nice environment, near the spa park. Visitors have the opportunity to see 34 reproductions from the pink and blue period and one original – a painting called “The Quarry,” which is housed in the painter’s original easel.

Galanda promoted the autonomy of art, recognized the uniqueness of the image and gave it the gift of creating something authentic and new: “The function of the painter’s art is to create a new emotional reality,” he wrote in an artistic manifesto in 1930. Regardless of the tuning of his work, not excluding the motif orientation of his works, he did not abandon the foundation of this emotional reality, the foundation of lyrical diction and spontaneity and playfulness.