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Distance from the hotel 16 km

If you are interested in fine arts, you should definitely visit the Martin Benka Museum. This permanent exhibition presents the authentic environment and work of the national artist Martin Benka (1888-1971), one of the most important personalities of the founding generation of Slovak art modernism, presenting the life and myth of his native land. The museum opened in 1973 in the house where the artist lived and worked from 1958 until almost the end of his life. The basis of the museum’s collection was created during Benka’s lifetime. In 1960, on the basis of a donation agreement, the artist handed over a substantial part of his work (5,200 works) to the state and partially opened his studio and a small picture gallery.

The authentically preserved interiors of the museum, respecting Martin Benka’s last will, demonstrate the work of the versatile artist, but above all the painter and illustrator.