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Cottage under the Castle in Gaderska Valley

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Distance from the hotel 16 km
Duration 1:10 hod. / 4,4 km (tam a späť)

An inconspicuous cottage below Blatnický Castle, offering refreshments in a pleasant mountain setting. If you have decided to visit Blatnický Castle, treat yourself to a fresh beer or a tasty goulash and continue your walk in Gaderská Valley. The valley lies in the western part of Veľká Fatra and represents one of the jewels of Slovak nature. Every visitor will appreciate that in a relatively small area there are many rare natural formations and beautiful corners. The caves and the rich flora are well known. The dense forests are rich in game. There are mainly deer, but also wild boar, chamois, bears and birds of prey, including the golden eagle. A crystal clear stream flows through the entire valley. The valley is conveniently accessible for every visitor.