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Distance from the hotel 26 km
Duration 3:40 hod. / 7 km (tam a späť)

The Cottage under Kľačianská Magura, colloquially called Magura, is one of the most common tourist destinations in the Turčianska Basin. It is one of the most accessible cottages in Turiec and its surroundings provide beautiful distant views of all Turiec, the lúčanská part of Mala Fatra and Veľká Fatra. Cottage under Kľačianská Magura is located in Krivanská Mala Fatra at an altitude of 1115 m.

There are several hiking trails leading to the cottage, it is best accessible from the village of Turčianske Kľačany, near Vrútok. Follow the green sign in the direction of Turčianske Kľačany – Repištská Valley – Cottage under Kľačianská Magure. The ascent time is approximately two-and-a-half hours and with an elevation gain of 738 m, this hike ranks as moderately difficult.